Interior designers, printers, event managers, architects and branding agencies now have a new tool in their display portfolio, Shimmerdisc sequin displays.

Photographic quality shimmering brilliance using thousands of light-reflecting discs to create inspiring, eye-catching moving image displays. With over 5600 sequins per square metre, Shimmerdisc adds the WOW factor to Boardrooms, VIP nightclub walls, Home Art, Retail POS, Outdoor Display, Theatre, Exhibitions, Gigs. Modular and scalable.

“Each disc is individually printed creating pixel perfect images. Designers have a full colour pallet including white to add depth, turning a plain foil sequin into a pixel of magic. Each module is reverse printed and optically clear. The finished effect presents a display that looks almost 3D and with the most amazing movement. Shimmerdisc, adding animated brilliance to your design.”

Photographic quality displays using a patented optically clear module and printed sequins. Whether you are looking for a unique artwork or a ‘wow’ factor exhibition display we have a solution waiting.

How big and how many discs make up a typical display?

The bigger the display the more impact it has. A 1000 x 1000mm display is the smallest we will do – 5625 discs. Wall Installations typically have around 100,000+ discs

Our displays are ordered in 200x200mm modules with 225 printed 13mm discs per module – scalable to any size from 1 square metre to billboard size and can be custom printed – plain or reflective.

Contact us for more information or to discuss a project.

We can produce 3D Virtual proofs of your design and animated video showing how your design will look. Our virtual proofing is designed to give you a rough idea about how the display will look but it’s by no means as good as the real thing. Visuals can be shown in room sets and we can apply various lighting conditions.