Technical Guide

Shimmerdisc Displays are printed using a standard flatbed UV press with white. Our system comes in two parts which are both printed and then combined.

Why do you have to print two parts?

When you print an image on sequins / circles the gaps between the circles mean you lose almost 20% of the image. This means to be able to see the image clearly you would need to stand many metres away from the display. With shimmerdisc, the optically clear wall module is also printed with the sequins hanging in front. Visually the creates a perfect image that can be viewed from as close as 2 feet. A huge breakthrough in display technology. It provides image clarity, movement and reflection.

The module is optically clear ( 200 x 200mm ). First you print the image in mirror on the reverse of the module then back up with solid white. Next, you print the same image on the sequin foil carrier. We have two types of sequin carriers. Our first is the classic mirror foil and the second an optically clear sequin. Why? Well, metallic sequins produce a very reflective result which are great for certain types of display. The clear sequin carriers can either be reverse printed ( providing a very high gloss and high quality result ), or you can surface print them which provides a matt finish.

Combining the sequins to the module is a quick and simple process. You don’t need to apply each sequin one at a time.

To create a large display, you simply split the image into whatever number of modules you can print in one go. An A3 flatbed can print 2 modules and is the smallest machine we would recommend.

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We can produce 3D Virtual proofs of your design and animated video showing how your design will look. Our virtual proofing is designed to give you a rough idea about how the display will look but it’s by no means as good as the real thing. Visuals can be shown in room sets and we can apply various lighting conditions.